Sikkim COVID-19 heroes with zero

positive cases reported

With the COVID-19 pandemic gripping the entire world in fear and uncertainty the state of Sikkim has managed to keep the number of people affected by the number of people affected by the corona virus to a zero till date. This has been possible due to the timely action and initiatives of the state government led by chief minister Shri Perm Singh Tamang

Immediate sealing of state borders

When the first wave of COVID-19 cases hit the country, Sikkim was the first state to suspend the entry of all foreign and domestic tourists.

                                 All borders connecting the state to other regions were immediately sealed off and only two check posts at Sikkim were kept open with round the clock vigilance and monitoring of entries and exits. Compulsory thermal screening of people passing through these two borders was started well before all the other states and before any directive was issued by the government of India.

State task force

The Sikkim government was swift in its action to set up a state level task force and district level task tackle the situation in the state.

Care for the people inside the state

Schools collages public places like pubs, cinemas gyms etc were closed down and all pubic gathering and events were suspended till further instructions.

                            All government offices were closed down except for department rendering essential service with less than half the workforce service with less than half the work force to tackle the situation in the state in complicate relief package of essential com-monition for the weaker section of the society wad provided by the state government this in clued migrant labors stuck in the state due to the COVID19 outbreak and the ensuring nationwide lock down.

Health care initiative

The state government immediately identified locations all over the state to set up quarantine centers and convert district hospitals into isolation units. A dedicated COVID-19  hospital was setup at new stem hospital in east Sikkim and the process of building a research and testing center was immediately started meanwhile medicines, testing kits and all required equipment were procured by the GOVERNMENT.


The state government left no stone upturned though reaches out to the Sikkimese people and especially the students stranded in different parts of the country due to the lock down brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A mechanism was created to bring back Sikkimese people stranded in other states. Points of contacts were set up for any assistance to the Sikkimese people stranded in cities like New Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati and siliguri. Financial assistance of Rs.5000 each was trans-furred to every student stuck in other parts of the country.

                   Financial aid of Rs.30000 each provided to people undergoing medical treatment outside the state, and stranded due to the lock down. The state government was in regular touch with other state government to address any instance of hardships faced by the Sikkimese people lodged in their states.

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